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Big Apple Initiative has embraced reefbuds for three reasons. The first is, quite simply, that they work - very well! Provided they are deployed in suitable locations, rapid colonization by algae, small fish and soft corals is guaranteed. These, in turn, promote growth of the building blocks of coral reefs, hard corals, which is why reefbuds also come with built-in mounting points for transplanting young corals from coral nurseries.

Their track record of success has already been established in regenerating reefs damaged by illegal fishing methods, infestations of crown-of-thorns starfish, and other negative impacts. Biri Initiative Org. is continuing this important work offshore from the fishing community of Biri Town. But reefbuds are also ideal for tourist destinations like Puerto Galera. By building new reefs, resort operators can offer snorkelers and divers more options, closer to home, and in so doing relieve pressure on existing reefs. Everyone wins: operators, visitors and the environment! As if that were not enough, healthy reefs also provide protection for our precious beaches!

The second reason is that the track record of reefballs worldwide makes it easy to obtain permission from authorities to deploy them. Over half a million reefballs are already at work, in some 3,500 projects in 42 countries. Their effectiveness is backed up by solid bodies of scientific research and media reports.

The third reason is that reefbuds are truly an investment in the future. Although they will eventually degrade once their job is done, reefbuds feature high-strength, abrasionresistant concrete that will be stable for centuries - an important consideration when building reefs that will last for thousands of years. Not only will loyal visitors to Big Apple be able to watch their reefs grow year after year, they will also be passing on a legacy for countless generations to come.

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